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Exness – Several things in a trader’s life require competitive prices and fast market execution.

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Exness - Trading Platform - Forex
Exness - Trading Platform - Forex

At EXNESS, we managed to overcome market liquidity issues that caused spreads to increase as order sizes increased.

How to? By giving you access to very high liquidity.

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Exness, we are constantly improving our execution models and trading services to ensure that you benefit from the best solutions. And we also provide signals that we developed with the best expert traders from all over the world.

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FAQs : Trading With Exness

Exness is an online trading platform that provides services for carrying out financial transactions, especially in forex trading. Registering for an Exness account requires a working email address and mobile phone number. Visit the official Exness website, follow the registration steps, and complete the necessary information, including identity and residency verification by regulatory requirements. After successful registration, you can use your Personal Area (PA) to manage your account and create trading accounts as needed.

At Exness, you can choose from 5 different trading account types depending on your trading style. These include Standard, Cent Standard, Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread. Your Personal Area (PA) can accommodate multiple trading accounts simultaneously, depending on your chosen account type. Creating a new trading account will add it to your existing Personal Area (PA).

  • The Standard Cent account is specifically designed for novice traders, offering the ability to trade smaller volumes using cent lots. It is ideal for those looking to test trading strategies with minimal risk. This account type only utilizes cent lots, providing stable spreads, reliable execution, and no trading commission.
  • The Standard account is well-suited for novice and experienced traders, providing the flexibility to trade small lots across diverse asset classes. This account type imposes no minimum deposit requirements, contingent on the chosen payment system.
  • The Pro account is tailored for seasoned and professional traders, catering to various trading styles, including day trading and automated trading strategies. This account type offers several notable features, including the absence of a limit on the number of orders that can be opened.
  • The Zero account is specifically designed for traders seeking specialized market execution, featuring a zero spread on the top 30 trading instruments for 95% of the day. Additionally, zero spread is extended to the remaining instruments for 50% of the trading period, subject to market volatility. This account type offers various advantages, including the absence of a limit on the number of orders, making it conducive to using Expert Advisors. The Zero account also incorporates a low trading commission, starting from USD 0.2/lot per side based on the specific trading instruments.
  • The Raw Spread account is crafted for experienced traders seeking ultra-low and stable spreads, distinguishing itself from other market-maker accounts through its fixed commission approach.

Yes, security at Exness can be guaranteed through the various types of security available. These security types include email verification, telephone verification, and TOTP (Time Based One Time Password). Users can confirm security by entering a 6-digit verification code sent to the selected security type.

As an Exness Premier member, you are our top priority. Exness Premier is an exclusive loyalty program designed for our most dedicated members, offering a unique set of benefits that increase as members progress through higher tiers. Your total lifetime deposit amount and quarterly trading volume in your Exness account determine your eligibility for Exness Premier status. The program consists of three membership levels:

  • Premier Preferred: The starting point of your Exness Premier journey, providing exclusive benefits such as priority customer support, educational resources, expert trading analysis, and special promotions.
  • Premier Elite: Based on Premier Preferred benefits, this tier offers personalized and prioritized help from a dedicated account manager.
  • Premier Signature: The pinnacle of Exness Premier, offering world-class networking opportunities, direct access to our C-suite executives, and exclusive trading conditions. All features from previous tiers are included in the Premier Signature membership.

Exness Premier level qualifications are assessed quarterly based on trading volume and total lifetime deposits. In each quarter of the calendar year:

  • Q1 considers lifetime trading volume and deposits between January 1 – March 31.
  • Q2 determines Exness Premier levels for April 1 – June 30, with continuous tracking of trading volume and lifetime deposits.
  • Q3 sets the appropriate Exness Premier tiers for July 1 – September 30 if there is an upgrade. Otherwise, current levels will be maintained, with ongoing tracking of trading volume and lifetime deposits.
  • Q4 repeats the process for October 1 – December 31, including tracking trading volume and lifetime deposits.

The quarterly cycle continues with the same assessment criteria for the next quarter. The total volume of trades for the quarter was calculated by adding up all the orders that were placed and fulfilled, taking into account certain rules for calculating total exchange.

To check your Exness Premier membership status, visit the Profile menu in the Exness Trade app or go to the Exness Premier tab in the Settings section of the Exness Personal Area. The information displayed includes:

  • The current tier.
  • The start date of the next quarter.
  • Links to premier benefits and rewards.
  • Qualifying criteria for attainable tiers.
  • A link to the Help Center on how to upgrade to the next tier.
  • Additionally, there is a conversion tool to recalculate trading volumes into lots for the most traded instruments.

You can contact Exness officially through various communication channels recognized by the company. We can ensure that Exness will only contact you with official accounts on several platforms such as:

  • Email: Email sent from an address ending in …@exness.com, such as support@exness.com.
  • MetaTrader: Messages sent via MetaTrader’s internal mailbox.
  • Telephone: Telephone conversations via official numbers listed on the Contact page of our website.
  • Live Chat: Live Chat sessions with our Support Team members are available on our official website.

A Personal Area (PA) trading account serves as the platform for logging in and executing trades. It is distinct from the Exness account, which holds registered personal information. While each registered email can have one Exness account, multiple trading accounts can exist within it. The article comprehensively summarizes Exness accounts, covering types, MetaTrader accounts, real and demo distinctions, and more. Exness offers five account types (Pro, Zero, Raw Spread, Standard, and Standard Cent) in two categories. To identify your trading account type, check the My Accounts section. Note that once a trading account is created, its type is permanent, and creating a new account is recommended for changes.

If Exness Trade App for Android is not available in regions like India, Indonesia, and Pakistan, you can download the APK via the following steps:

  • Open the link https://www.exness.com/exness-trader-app/ in your mobile device browser.
  • Scan QR code Android.apk.
  • Follow the instructions to download the Exness Trade app.
  • For other regions, the application can be downloaded via Google Play.

By opening the app and tapping the Deposit symbol located at the top of the account card visible on screen, users are able to initiate a deposit transaction through a simple guided process within the application. Various methods, including electronic payment systems, bank cards, Bitcoin wallets, mobile banking methods, and payments through bank tellers can make deposits. The withdrawal process is similar to a deposit, and Exness only allows withdrawals to the payment method used for the deposit. Internal transactions between accounts in the Personal Area and to accounts in other Personal Areas can also be carried out with different monthly limits depending on your region.

The minimum and maximum trading volume for each account type can be explained as follows.

  • For Standard Cent accounts, the minimum trading volume is 0.01 cent lots, with a maximum of 200 cent lots 24 hours a day.
  • The Standard account has a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lots, with a maximum of 200 lots at 7:00 – 20:59 (GMT+0) and 20 lots at 21:00 – 6:59 (GMT+0).
  • Pro, Raw Spread, and Zero accounts also have a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lots, with a maximum of 200 lots at 7:00 – 20:59 (GMT+0) and 20 lots at 21:00 – 6:59 (GMT+0) ).

It should be noted that the peak trading activity may vary hourly depending on the time zone (GMT+0). Please note that minimum values may differ depending on the instrument being traded, and further information can be found in the Exotics, Minors, Majors and Forex Instruments trading guides.

The duration for verifying an Exness account primarily depends on the type of documents submitted for Proof of Identity (POI) or Proof of Residence (POR). You can receive prompt feedback within minutes of submitting your documents. However, it’s essential to note that if the submitted documents necessitate advanced verification, which involves a manual check, the process may take up to 24 hours per submission. This additional time is allocated to ensure a thorough and accurate examination of the provided documents, maintaining the security and integrity of the verification process.

Exness does not permit the registration of multiple Personal Areas under a single email address. Each email address is associated with a unique Personal Area, and the system does not support the creation of more than one account under the same email. However, if you wish to register additional Personal Areas, you can use different email addresses for each account. It is important to note that each Personal Area will have its distinct Personal Area Password and Support PIN, maintaining the separation and security of individual accounts. Additionally, you can conveniently utilize the same phone number and verification documents for multiple Personal Areas, streamlining the verification process across different accounts.